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Exclamation Re: Ride to Work

Didn't ride Monday, stuff on bikes required attention and I ain't riding if there's something I know about that needs to be "fixed." But I made up for it yesterday and put 403mi on the ol' V65 Magna jbird let me have. That engine is full of stonk, everywhere, and I got abt 40mpg, overall!

The PROBLEM: A previous owner (NOT jbird, before him!) had rigged up a toggle switch so the rider could turn on the cooling fan whenever, a neat idea . . . . but he powered it by unplugging the connector from the thermostatic switch and plugging a hot lead from the battery into that, killing the OEM fan turner-on-er so the toggle was the ONLY way to turn the fan on!!!

I had to fix that!

And while I was fixing the radiator fan juice problem, I wired up GPS and a ciggie-lighter with Powerlet USB insert for charging 'lectronic stuff. And got it wrong so it blew a fuse after abt 4hrs on the road, when the temp was in the 90's, so I'm gonna re-do it, using heavier wire (18ga, maybe even 16, but big enough to carry a 20A fuse, anyway) from the batt to the h-bar area. The 22ga the PO had used was apparently just enough to run the fan, but not the fan and GPS (insignificant power draw) at the same time.
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